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  • Bark Stop Pro - An Effective Dog Silencer.
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  • Remote Control:FOUR button remote (Turbo,Standby,Training,Ultrasonic.)
  • Optional plug in or batteries (4 x C size.)
  • Train your Dogs Humanely.
  • Bark Stop anti barking training.

Bark Stop Pro - Bark Control Device and Pest Repellent

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    Birds Off introduces Bark Stop Pro with its new edge technology that will help you stop dogs barking.

    The Bark Stop PRO is a bark stop training device to silence your dogs, your neighbours’ dogs, wild dogs  The newly innovated Bark Stop has incorporated a long distance dog bark detector and dog silencing ultrasonic that travels up to 460sqm. No longer will dog owners have to force an embarrassing device onto their dog, nor do they have to purchase multiple collars for each of their dogs. The Bark Stop is the TOP of the CLASS for a dog barking training device in North America! Used and recommended by Veterinarians, Dog Training Facilities, Dog Sheltering Homes, and Police Departments as a training device to stop dog barks!


    • Combines a Dog Silencer with Pest Repeller
    • Ultrasonic dog silencer & sonic dog repellent alarm
    • High pressure ultrasonic
    • High-pitched siren pest & intruder alarm
    • AC Power or Batteries
    • Weather resistant and maintenance free


    Where to use:

    The Bark Stop is a portable weather resistant device for both indoor and outdoor use, the back cover is designed for hanging, and the unit can literally be placed anywhere.


    Why Choose the Bark Stop PRO?

     A barking dog is a common source of stress and arguments between neighbours. It can result in Police visits and even citations for the owner. It can cause frayed tempers and relationships among neighbours. All the while, the dog is innocent of the problems being caused because he just hasn’t learnt that he needs to control his barking. The Bark Stop can help train a dog humanely and safely not to indulge in the kind of nuisance barking that keeps owners and neighbours up all night. Every time the dog barks, he will hear a high-pitched irritating frequency that is silent to humans. Some customers see results in a few days; however, most report success in about two weeks. The device can be used both indoors and outdoors. Your dog will continue to be a good guard dog, because barking to protect property is an instinctual reaction. He will simply learn not to bark due to boredom, loneliness or attention-seeking. While the sound may be annoying, it won’t harm your dog’s sensitive ears.

     Used and recommended by Veterinarians, Dog Training Facilities, Dog Sheltering Homes, and Police Departments as a training device to stop dog barks!Anti-barking Technologies:


    1. Our Exclusive Dog Bark Sensor: Our exclusive Dog Bark Sensor is one of the most effective in the industry offering distance, accuracy and control. The sensor may operate differently depending on the noisiness of your neighborhood, the size of the dog and whether you plan to use it indoors or outdoors. That’s why we offer an adjustable sensitivity control. 

    2. High Pressure Ultrasonic Silencer PRO: The High Pressure Ultrasonic Silencer is a frequency that targets dogs specifically. You do not have to worry about adjusting dials or experimenting with the device. Just set it in range of the dog and let it do its job. Please note Ultrasonic waves do not travel through or around solid objects (walls and glass etc) You must place device to face the dog with no obstructions.

    3. Pest Repelling Technologies:   Bark Stop has the same pest repelling tools as our popular Yard Sentinel. You may find after a while that your dog has learned it's lesson well and is no longer interested in nuisance barking. You can re-purpose your device to get rid of the critters that have been eating your garden or digging up your lawn. Or you may find the neighbour's dog only barks during the daytime, and goes inside at night. You can use your device as a dog silencer during the day and a pest repeller at night or vice versa.


    Weather Resistant:

    The Bark Stop’s innovative cover keeps out rain while still allowing for easy access to controls. The Bark Stop is weather resistant under most conditions. In the case of extreme weather, protect your product by bringing it indoors.

    Customized Control:

    Every pest situation is unique. Our device comes with different modes and selectors to help you target your particular situation:

    1. Bark Sensor (Will trigger the ultrasonic whenever the dog barks) 
    2. Barking Sensitivity Dial (Adjust the barking sensor for optimum results for your situation) 
    3. Sensor Mode (Constant standby, will trigger the unit when pests are in range) 
    4. Continuous Activation Mode Selector (For pests out of range, device can still be activated) 
    5. Ultrasonic Frequency Dial (Adjust frequency output to target specific pests) 
    6. Predator Alarm Dial (Adjustable alarm volume to suit your convenience) 
    7. Sensor Sensitivity Dial (Adjustable sensor sensitivity to suit your convenience)


    All Birds Off products have been trialled and tested and do not harm birds. Products are not sold on a trial and return basis. Pls make your choice of bird deterrent carefully since there are many variables in consideration of bird control: environment; character and motivation of species; breeding or roosting cycle; hunger or tameness of the birds. Consider your overall strategy when preparing your deterrents. Sometimes , one or more products might be needed to increase bird control success rates. For more information or advice call 1300 BIRDSOFF or purchase our 64 page manual on SCARING BIRDS sold on this website.


    .8 kgs
    13.5 cms
    16 cms
    8.5 cms
    A/C Adapter:
    Input: A/C 110-240V, Output: D/C 9V/500mA x 1 (included)
    Power Source:
    D/C power sources: four C size batteries or vehicle power source by connecting cigarette lighter socket or D/C 12V or 24V sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery. (D/C power accessories are sold separately.)
    Ultrasonic Frequency:
    15 kHz to 25 kHz (adjustable)
    Output Sound Pressure:
    0 to 110dB
    Infrared sensor::
    approx 14 metres.
    Ultrasonic effective range:
    465 sq. metres or 21×21 metres
    Security Alarm/Harassment Noise Sound Pressure:
    0-110dB maximum (adjustable), +/-5dB

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