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  • Bird Stop

BIRD STOP Visual and Olfactory Bird Repellent

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    Bird Stop works on the birds three main sensors....SOUND - SMELL - SIGHT


    100% natural and pesticide free BIRD STOP; is discreet, non-harmful and highly effective at repelling birds from buildings and other structures.


    Flame Shield Gel Technology™; reflects light as a sparkle in the UV-A light spectrum. Since birds see light in the UV-A spectrum, they see the sparkle which resembles flames. This virtual ‘flame shield’ visually deters the birds from landing.


    Herbal Extracts; the olfactory component of the gel comes into play when birds try to land. BIRD STOP contains herbal extracts in a natural product base. If the bird gets close, it is repelled by the strong herbal odour.


    Non-toxic and non-harmful to birds; birds do not make any contact with the gel at all. It works purely by visual and olfactory cues. The gel is discreetly applied in UV stabilised, low-profile Dishes (supplied) for placement. It does not kill or trap birds, but immediately changes their behaviour so that they fly away. Birds will completely desert a habitat they have been using for years once it is placed.


    Works indoors or outside; and has been tested successfully against pigeons, common mynahs, starlings, sparrows, swallows, willie wagtails, gulls, crows and corellas; with birds deterred for up to three years or more. Please click on the link to follow instructions  http://www.protect-us.com.au/pdfs/bird-stop/BROPR1059-1.01-09.19-Protect-us_Bird-Stop_Manual-Installation_CC_EAU-v2.pdf


    All Birds Off products have been trialled and tested and do not harm birds. Products are not sold on a trial and return basis. Pls make your choice of bird deterrent carefully since there are many variables in consideration of bird control: environment; character and motivation of species; breeding or roosting cycle; hunger or tameness of the birds. Consider your overall strategy when preparing your deterrents. Sometimes , one or more products might be needed to increase bird control success rates. For more information or advice call 1300 BIRDSOFF or purchase our 64 page manual on SCARING BIRDS sold on this website.

    Roofs, beams, ledges, posts, walls, fences
    12 months indoor, 6 months outdoor
    Apply 15-17g of product into each dish using a caulking gun,
    Standard tube to fit in standard caulking gun
    Comes with nozzle and end fitting.
    Do not get on your skin, can irritate or itch
    Comes with:
    15 Dishes
    Gross Weight:
    250 grams
    Net Weight:
    Each Tube Net Weight is 280 gms

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    1. Gel worked for me.  star rating

      Posted by Tony - Runaway Bay Gold Coast on 4th Jun 2014

      To anyone looking to rid pesky birds swallows from window sill,
      try and feel happy this is the right product.

    2. Church of Saint Anna - Gold Coast  star rating

      Posted by Father Romanos Stergio- Bundall - QLD on 3rd May 2013

      We used 24 tubes of Gel to get rid of Pigeons that have been roosting for over 2 years. We tried spikes and wires. They all seemed to work ok, but the Gel was a sensation. The Birds Off Team were most supportive and helpful and with in 2 days, over 40 stubborn birds have moved on. We are very happy with the results. Long may it last.

    3. Worked a treat  star rating

      Posted by A Sinclair on 11th May 2012

      Thanks for the suggestion Corey. That worked very well. Only down for a few days and they birds are not around much at all. I think its worked really well. Thanks guys.
      Adam Sinclair, Potts Point, Sydney

    4. Wow !!  star rating

      Posted by Paul Abercrombie - Darwin on 29th Mar 2012

      The birds have left the building!! thanks guys. I put some on my window ledge and the top of the fences and they are not around. Like within a day!! Thanks

    5. Good stuff  star rating

      Posted by Capt Cook Cruises, New Zealand on 5th Mar 2012

      Its good stuff. Birds hated it , we loved it. Nice work.

    6. Gel Works very well....  star rating

      Posted by Joe Santostefano, VIC on 27th Feb 2012

      I was planning on installing a balcony guard but on your advice used the gel instead, and I can't believe how effective it is. I applied it on Friday night, and saw an immediate improvement. Birds would fly in for a moment, touch the stuff and immediately fly away. I have spent about 12 months trying to eradicate them, using all sorts of home remedies, decoys etc, with no success. I must admit i was a little sceptical about this as well, but the proof is in the pudding - they are finally gone!

    7. It worked well..  star rating

      Posted by Wayne - Beaudesert Motor Homes, QLD on 23rd Feb 2012

      Great for getting rid of small birds. Very good. Gets pretty tacky in hot weather but I got it all on the roof so you can't really see it. Birds have not been about for ages. Thanks

    8. Effective  star rating

      Posted by Jo - Beenleigh Market Place on 23rd Feb 2012

      The products pretty good. We don't have birds in the car park anymore. We had a huge problems with starlings at night . It was a fair bit of work to put the product on , but its worked really well. Thanks . Jo

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