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Scarybird Bird Kite - 9m

shipped within 24 hours
$30.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

    Scarybird Hawk Scarer, Australia's Ecological Deterrent System - Lifelike Eagle repels those Pest Birds Away. 

    As Seen On Better Homes & Gardens With Dr Harry. Australia's Most Loved Vet!

    Birdsoff has been thrilled with the success of Scarybird. A Visual deterrent like no other!

    Due to customer demand we have increased the size of the pole another 3 metres. 

    Whether you are seeking an aggressive deterrent to set up outside a warehouse, installing on your boat / pontoon

    or flying around in your fields or crops. This Scarybird will not disappoint!

    The Scarybirds success has deterred many bird varieties, Crows, Ducks, Starlings, Pigeons, Seagulls, Parrots, Cockatoos and Magpies to name a few.

    The reason this Visual is exemplary is due to his aggressive flying action. 

    The flight path of the Scarybird kite is constantly changing; hovering one minute, soaring the next, all on just the slightest breeze. The kite mimics a
     raptor in flight, intimidating pest birds and protecting your large crops, vineyards, orchards,pontoons or boats
    Emulating a true eagle/falcon hunting his next meal. Birds see this threatening raptor protecting the area and clear out very quickly as natural instincts kick in.

    The Scarybird kite is is made from high-strength UV nylon & is ultra-light in weight, weighing in at less than 100g. This enables it to take off even in light winds (<2km/hour). Being so light in weight also reduces the force placed on the telescopic pole it is tethered to. It can withstand extreme conditions of use; strong winds, rain & UV.  The rods holding the kite together are made from light weight fibreglass, specifically chosen for it’s flexibility & strength. The metal reinforced fibreglass telescopic pole is also light weight, weighing in at less than 3kg. Like a giant fishing rod it is designed to bend in the wind. However to avoid damage to the pole, it should be taken down when the wind is intense (in excess of 45km/hour) or when storms are predicted.

    Quick & Easy to Set-up, Move & Pull Down
    Scarybird can be set up, moved & broken down in minutes.
    Set up involves 4 simple steps:
    1. Knock in the fibreglass stake provided at a desired location, free of obstacles.
    2. Retract & lock in the sections of the telescopic pole
    3. Assemble the kite & attach it to the top of the pole with the string & metal clasp attachment provided
    4. Place the pole on the stake & it’s ready to go.
    Note: For best results move Scarybird every few weeks.
    This is done by simply removing the pole, then pulling out the stake & re-locating it 3 to 4 metres away. 



    1 Scarybird Kit::
    Easy to ship
    1 Fibreglass Pole::
    9 Metres Length
    1 Fibreglass Stake::
    1.1 Metres
    1 Raptor Kite::
    Made of Rip Stop Nylon (high strength)
    Flying Length::
    1 x Nylon String Line & Swivels (2.5m in length)
    Dimensions of Kite::
    Width 155cm, Length 56cm
    1 Nylon String Line & Swivels::
    Tethered to a 9 metre telescopic pole by a 2.5 metre nylon string line.
    Carry Bag::
    User Manual::
    Simple to assemble
    SCARYBIRD (02:04)
    Scarybird Visual Deterrent, most lifelike realistic deterrent on the market. He dives, hovers and frightens birds protecting his environment. Birds get the message very quickly not to hang around. please see www.birdsoff.com.au
      Scarybird Visual Deterrent, most lifelike realistic deterrent ...

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    1. The Cockatoos Have Finally Left  star rating

      Posted by Jenny Douglas on 24th May 2017

      We have a farm in The Hunter Valley, unfortunately the Cockies and Parrots have been destroying our fruit trees. I don't mind sharing a few but the birds took more than their fare share.
      After talking to Cat she advised installing the Scarybird with a Expeller Pro the Results have been amazing!
      Thank you Birdsoff

    2. Works Great - just add wind  star rating

      Posted by Andrew on 17th Apr 2016

      Easy to install and as long as their is a little wind - works a treat.

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