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Motion Activated Eco-Friendly Hydro Blast Animal Repeller with Solar Panel

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$15.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

    New & Improved

     How It Works:

     Using infrared technology, this repeller senses an animal's heat and movement up to 10 metres (35 feet) away. When an animal is detected, its sprinkler releases a sudden burst of water combined with startling noise and motion that safely and effectively repels a wide range of animals. And the animal detector works day or night, so it's always on watch. 

     This repeller eliminates the need to apply chemical repellents, keeping your yard easy and inexpensive to maintain, and safe for children and pets. And each spray uses only 2-3 cups of water, so it's efficient. The solar panel will charge the battery when sunlight is strong.


     >2xAA rechargeable batteries needed (not included)

     >Including solar panel


     >Maximal detection range: 100 square meters (10 x 10 metres)

     >. Detects and gently repels birds, ducks, bush turkeys, foxes, herons, cats, dogs, possums and other nuisance animals in garden and pool areas.

     >. Less water consumption

     >. Easy set-up and optional height

     > 100% safe for people and pets

     > Birds are extremely annoyed by this device

     > Protect your ponds, lawns, flowerbeds and plants from destructive animals.


     Ideal Spots to use the Solar Motion Activated Garden/Yard Hydro-Blast

    • Pool areas
    • Gardens or ponds
    • Beach front areas
    • Lawns
    • Koi ponds for herons
    • Athletic fields


     The Motion activated Hydro Blast is designed to operate between 30psi and 80psi. 

    If your water pressure exceeds 80psi, install a pressure reduction valve on the tap.

    Partially opening the tap does not reduce pressure, only water quantity.


    All Birds Off products have been trialled and tested and do not harm birds. Products are not sold on a trial and return basis. Pls make your choice of bird deterrent carefully since there are many variables in consideration of bird control: environment; character and motivation of species; breeding or roosting cycle; hunger or tameness of the birds. Consider your overall strategy when preparing your deterrents. Sometimes , one or more products might be needed to increase bird control success rates. For more information or advice call (02) 95311425 or email us on [email protected]


    On/Off Button with sensitivity adjustment
    Power Source:
    2 x AA batteries (Approx 6months), Not Included
    Solar Panel:
    The Solar panel will charge the batteries when the sun is strong
    Light weight plastic body with metal head
    Up to 100 sqm area
    Spray Depth:
    Adjustable approx 10m
    This product is suitable for::
    The Hydro Blast is designed to operate between 30 and 80psi:
    If your water pressure exceeds 80psi, install a pressure reduction valve on the tap. Partially opening the tap does not reduce pressure.

    Write your own product review

    1. It works!  star rating

      Posted by Julie on 31st Jul 2017

      No more duck poo in the pool! This thing really works! Simple to install, although the stake is very flimsy and we needed to attach it to our own sprinkler base. Apart from that, a winner!

    2. No More Fish for The Cormorant!  star rating

      Posted by Tony Caldersmith on 24th May 2017

      Because of the structure around our pond, I originally installed the Hydro-Blast about a meter above the water level.
      Our troublesome cormorant didn't seem to be to fussed by it. I assumed he came in under the detection zone.
      So I built a mounting that got it down to nearer water level.
      We don't appear to have had any cormorant visits since, so either he was chased off by the earlier system, or the new location is working better.
      I still have to adjust the zones, as it goes off if I walk by.
      So far, so good.

    3. works for cats and possums  star rating

      Posted by Anna H on 2nd Feb 2017

      Great device for deterring unwanted garden intruders
      The ground spike is a bit flimsy given the weight of the blaster itself, have had to reinforce this with extra support.
      The spray mechanism is also not that robust but has lasted so far

      We have an older version of this device which was much more solid in construction

      Overall happy with this product though

    4. AWESOME FOR DUCKS.  star rating

      Posted by Ben Illes . Gold Coast on 25th Jul 2014

      We had an ongoing issues with 4 ducks and tried everything to move them on with no success until we came across the Scarecrow.Worked a treat so thanks for advice and service.

    5. Hydro Blaster  star rating

      Posted by Paul at AISweb - VIC - AUST on 23rd Apr 2013

      Hi Guys, we'd just like to tell you that the Scare Crow motion activated water spray was successful from day one.
      We have a family of five Bush Turkeys who excavated our backyard daily. They are not easy to scare and you have to almost grab them to physically scare them off.
      However the Scare Crow (we call it the Water Sniper) is totally effective in its range.

      Nightime blasts suggest it's having a shot at the neighbourhood cats too, so it is in fact protecting our wildlife.

      Thank you !

    6. Super Soaker  star rating

      Posted by Dr Hunter Bies on 5th Jun 2012

      It was alot of fun to set up, got wet a few times. The sensor picks up pretty well, mostly dogs and cats and bigger birds like Ducks but they need to be within 5 to 7 meters of the unit. Its good how you can turn it on or off and the sensor up or down. The range and pitch of water can also be adjusted. Great little package.

    3 Month Warranty on Parts

    We have supplied a range of our bird scarer products to the following brands for the past 16 years.

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