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Protect Your Home, Business, and Health with Bird Scarers in Australia

Do you have birds roosting on your property—either near your house or around your business? At first blush, having birds in such proximity can seem like little more than a nuisance. Birds are sometimes noisy, but are otherwise harmless—or, at ...read more .

Keep Your Boats Clean with Bird Deterrent Systems in Australia

If you own a boat, you’ve probably been there: you wake up in the morning, ready for a relaxing day out on the water. You put on a swimsuit, pack a cooler, and head down to your boat—only to find that it’s covered in bird poop. Now, instead ...read more .

Keep Your Property Bird Free in a Safe and Humane Way: Buy Bird Spikes for Sale Online from Australia’s Birdsoff

Are you looking for a way to keep nuisance birds away from your property? Whether birds like to land or roost around your home or business, shops, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools or around some other part of your property, they can ...read more .

Hawk Bird Scarer and Flying Scarehawk Decoy in Australia

As a visible and constant reminder of the beauty and freedom of flight, birds have been mesmerising humans for centuries. Since birds are typically accessible to everyone, they have become immersed into the human culture as bird watchers ...read more .

Try Our Humane Bird Scarers for Boats, and Help Keep Birds off your Boat

There’s nothing like boating, getting outside and out on an open body of water. Many people love sailing and boating because they can enjoy the sun, wind, and beauty of the natural surroundings ...read more .

Pigeon Spikes for Sale in Australia

Is your love of nature waning due to unpleasant interactions with pesky, flying critters such as pigeons? Nowadays, farmers aren’t the only folks having to deal with the nuisance of flying pests. In the 21st Century, many homeowners, and ...read more .

Ultrasonic Bird Repellers and Sonic Bird Scarers in Australia

When it comes to residential or commercial bird problems you want to find the right balance between repellents that will work effectively in scaring away birds long term. Our Ultrasonic range is customised for small or large enclosed or semi ...read more .

Different Deterrents for Different Birds: Pigeons, Turkeys, Ibis, Seagulls, and Magpies

You might think that scaring away birds is a pretty simple concept. Birds are simple creatures, after all, so an effective deterrent for a pigeon ought to work for a magpie, right? As it turns out, different birds are quite unique in their ...read more .

Why Invest in a Bird Deterrent Device?

Sure, some birds are annoying, and droppings can make maintaining your boat or property a much bigger chore, but how big a deal is a bird problem? Especially if you’re used to battling irritating birds -- as many Australians are -- investing ...read more .

Why Your Pigeon or Seagull Strategy Needs Visual Bird Deterrents

Birds can be a surprisingly resilient pest. Though we use “birdbrained” as an insult, these winged menaces can seem impossible to outwit. Once they’ve learned that the deterrent they’ve been so afraid of isn’t actually a threat, something ...read more .

Safeguard Your Health and Property with A Life like Prowler Owl to Scare Birds Away

Far too many outdoor activities have been ruined by a certain kind of fearless marauder, and now is the time to fight back. If you've ever had a picnic crashed by unruly pigeons or a boat fouled by incontinent seagulls, you know the ...read more .

Life-Like Eagles for Sale to Protect Your Family and Property

Flocks of birds that take over your boat, home, or business can not only be a tremendous nuisance to the people there, but they can also pose a genuine health hazard. Bird droppings can be toxic and spread disease to family and pets through ...read more .

Prevent Property Damage and Disease with Anti Bird Spikes from Birdsoff

Flocking birds have certainly proven themselves to be pests, crowding decks and lawns and fouling boats with disgusting bird droppings that can be difficult to remove. Birds can, however, be more than simple nuisances - they can create ...read more .

Stop Bird Infestations with Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes from Birdsoff

It's a scenario with which you may be distressingly familiar: birds ‘discover’ your property. Maybe it's access to food; maybe it's protection from predators - perhaps it's because your property is a congenial place for gatherings, the same ...read more .

Reclaim Your Restaurant with Pigeon and Seagull Deterrent Devices Including Plastic Spikes from Australia’s Birdsoff

Opening a seaside bistro has been a dream come true. A true do-it-yourself project, you handled the purchase of the facility, the renovation, and all codes and inspections. Initially, you opened to rave reviews. At first, customers loved ...read more .

Electronic Bird and Animal Repellents Use Motion-Activated Sound Waves and Lasers as Deterrent for Optimal Pest Control

Even the most avid bird lovers have their limits, and your family has found yours. You thought it was cute when a small bird nested in the corner of your home’s gutter -- you had no idea what would happen. The noisy birds have multiplied, they ...read more .

Take Control of Your Bird Problems with Repellent Devices and Anti Bird Spray Available from Australia

For optimal bird control, select a combination of methods that discourage birds physically, visually, or audibly. Birdsoff offers 17 years’ experience with no-harm bird control devices. From spikes, visual decoys and lasers to ultrasonic ...read more .

Protect Your Farm with Premium Bird Scare Devices and Leading Imitation Birds of Prey Products

Maintaining a farm is hard work. To add to it, there’s been an increase in bird activity around your property. The last thing you need are flocks of pest birds taking first pick of your crops and ruining your livestock’s feed. Unfortunately ...read more .

Seeking a Crow Deterrent in Australia? Why You Should Consider Fake Dead Crows

Among the many animals that you may find in your garden, fields, or at your favourite camping spot, crows can be among the most difficult to manage. They are particularly intelligent birds, which can make finding a good crow deterrent a ...read more .

The Beneficial Aspects of a Scarecrow Bird Control System with a Motion Activator

These days, if someone mentions “scarecrow bird control” they likely aren’t referring to the straw man who guarded the fields in the days of old. Today’s scarecrows are quite different and much more refined, being able to deter birds ...read more .

How Systems Such as the Bird Spider Bird Deterrent Protect Commercial, Residential and Marine Spaces

When birds flock to commercial, residential, or marine spaces they are far more than a nuisance. They can create a toxic environment, leaving behind waste that builds up and which, if not promptly cleaned, can pose a major health hazard. That ...read more .

We have supplied a range of our bird scarer products to the following brands for the past 16 years.

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