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  • 12V adapter can be used for Boats, Caravans or Car Batteries.
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BirdXPeller PRO - Sonic Bird Repeller

Back in stock 30 June. Pre-order now to get free shipping!
Free Shipping

     Back in stock 30 June. Pre-order now to get free shipping!

    BirdXPeller PRO broadcasts a variety of naturally recorded bird distress signals and predator calls that frighten, confuse and disorient pest birds within the effective range (up to one acre / 4000 sqm).

    This product is primarily used for commercial applications but can be used for residential needs as well. We have had great success keeping Seagulls off peoples boats and pontoons up on the Gold Coast! There is volume control, timer and a day/night sensor built in. These high-definition digital recordings are played on loudspeakers to create an environment that is threatening and inhospitable to birds. Fully programmable/ weather proof.

    You don't need to keep it running all the time. Birds react immediately to the calls, we find it's best to run it hard for the first 24 hours, then cut it back to every 4 hours. The sounds last less than 20 seconds.

    Pigeon, Starling, Sparrow, Seagull distress calls and predator calls are contained in the unit with easy programmable instructions to help you set up the best call to suit your needs.

    For best results, choose a combination of both predator calls AND bird distress recordings to create the most natural scenario.

    Unit is not motion activated, it is programmable depending on your needs/type of bird problem.

    Power Supply 220 V or 12 DC (Alligator clips sold separately) For those areas where power is not an option simply add the Solar Panel to supply your own power.


    Can add extra speaker for coverage

    For other bird types, pls see the BirdXPeller PRO 2 for repelling Crows, Blackbirds, Grackles, Cormorants, & Ravens.

    Product success takes time to build. Bird habits may take several days or weeks to break. When we are trying to break established habits we recommend using our products synergistic-ally. Two or more different groups of deterrents. Visual or Physical to add to your Auditory attack!


    For larger areas, the Super BirdXPeller PRO covers up to 6 acres with a 4-speaker system.


    Download BirdXpeller PRO Instructions


    Recommended for use in outdoor areas, such as: 

    •Warehouses, manufacturing, plants
    •Facilities & corporate grounds
    •Transportation platforms & loading docks
    •Farms, barns, stables
    •Sheds & storage buildings
    •Homes, gardens, patios
    •Parking garages, car parks 
    •Waterfront property & boat houses, marinas, pontoons. 

    For commercial use, additional speaker can be purchased to reach outer areas or focus calls in to other far reaching places. speakers cover 30metres. This unit is audible to humans and has an immediate and startling effect on pest birds. For silent products that humans can't hear, see our Extensive Ultrasonic Range 



       Gulls departed immediatedly and never returned. Two years ago, I purchased a BirdXPeller Pro and placed it on my boat dock which had been the home of approximately 200 seagulls; the guano was two inches thick! As long as this unit is turned on, the gulls depart immediately and never return. It has survived two severe winters and two hot summers in the elements!–Don from Seattle, WA


      Great product! We have been battling Pigeons at the Historic Will Rogers Hotel since 1930. The BirdXPeller Pro is the first thing that has really worked!  We had approximately 100 Pigeons on our roof for the past 70 years. We plugged the unit in and they flew away and have not returned. It's great; you have one happy customer!
    –Jane from Oklahoma


    All Birds Off products have been trialled and tested and do not harm birds. Products are not sold on a trial and return basis. Pls make your choice of bird deterrent carefully since there are many variables in consideration of bird control: environment; character and motivation of species; breeding or roosting cycle; hunger or tameness of the birds. Consider your overall strategy when preparing your deterrents. Sometimes , one or more products might be needed to increase bird control success rates. For more information or advice call (02) 95311425 or email us on [email protected]





    Draws 1 Amp when on 1 hour cycle
    Draws 2 Amps when on shorter cycle
    Built for Rain and wind , not submersible
    Sound Pressure:
    105–110 db at 1 meter
    3–5 kHz
    Power Lead:
    10 meters long
    AC 220V ( with adapter ) DC 12 V
    Light Sensor Built in
    Speaker can add on:
    1 speaker - cable 30 meters
    Timer Switch:
    Time off period - Medium 1-4 mins Long - 5 - 10 min X Long 10 - 30mins
    Birds Off Xpeller.MPG (02:01)
    Birds Off Xpeller is a great product for scaring the birds away. Proven , effective and reliable.
    • Birds Off Xpeller.MPG
      Birds Off Xpeller is a great product for scaring the birds awa...
    • Bird-X - BirdXPeller PRO Series
      The BirdXPeller PRO and Super BirdXPeller PRO are sonic bird r...

    Write your own product review

    1. No more crimson rosellas  star rating

      Posted by Jennifer on 19th Nov 2021

      The BirdXPeller PRO - Sonic Bird Repeller has been very effective in scaring the Crimson Rosellas from our garden. Although not motion sensitive, the combination of calls works. Our roses have new shoots and I hope will recover from parrot feasting. We have used other bird scarers but I consider this one is the best. I’ve just ordered a third one. It is important to change the call patterns every few weeks but this is very easy to do. We also find the bird noises from this bird repeller easier to 'live with' than other models.

    2. No more Seagulls & Swallows on my boat.  star rating

      Posted by Ron on 7th Feb 2018

      I purchased the Bird expeller due to a problem with Seagulls and Swallows on my boat. I live on the water and these birds were becoming more of a pest every year and covering my boat with bird droppings. It got to a stage where I had to hose my boat down every day. After doing some research and speaking to the lovely people at Birds Off I decided to purchase the Bird Expeller. The result was instantaneous. The Seagulls disappeared immediately and swallows a week later. I no longer have to hose my boat and my neighbour who also has a boat is extremely thankful as his bird problem has also been solved at no cost to him. I highly recommend this product.

    3. working well got neighbours offside  star rating

      Posted by Craig on 1st Mar 2017

      The product has got rid of the seagulls and cockatoos but the swallows are still hanging around. if I turn it up to half volume the swallows go away far enough not to land on boat but the neighbours then start complaining about the noise.

    4. Outstanding Service  star rating

      Posted by Tanja Abbotts - Goodman Fielder Limited on 8th Jul 2014

      We are delighted with the excellent service we received from Brad and his team. Easy ordering process, no delays in posting our goods and customer service that many Australian companies could learn from! Thank you, Brad!

    5. Very Happy  star rating

      Posted by Lynda Everett - WA on 30th Jul 2013

      I got the package the day after the order. Very quick service . A good job too as it was effective to move the Seagulls away. Made a big fuss of it the first day...after that, it was easy as the birds stayed away pretty much 90% so great job . Thanks for your help

    6. Xpeller on my boat  star rating

      Posted by Hunter Cane on 3rd Jun 2012

      You guys suggested we put this product on our boat we have moored in Balmoral Beach, NSW. The Gulls are savage!! When we put it on , it was a pleasure to see them all fly away in confusion. I loved it. It seems to work really well so far. Thanks

    7. Altresco  star rating

      Posted by Joel McKenzie - Dinky Dogs Bar and Grill on 18th May 2012

      Hi Guys, thanks for the suggestion of the Bird Xpeller. We have a restaurant on the water side down in Port Adelaide and the Gulls are a constant problem . We have installed the distress noise maker and its worked better than we thought. Thanks guys. Its a pleasure when products work as well as this one!

    8. Beenleigh Market Place - QLD  star rating

      Posted by Helen- Beenleigh Market Place, QLD on 23rd Feb 2012

      We put this product in our car park area to stop the small birds. Along with the Gel, its worked really well. Thanks guys.

    9. Key Street Bar  star rating

      Posted by Dan - Key Street Bar on 23rd Feb 2012

      Thanks for the suggestion to get the Gulls and Pigeons under control in our bar area. Its been a nightmare with bird droppings on customers , food and tables. The Xpeller along with the Birds Off Gel worked wonders.

      Dan. Key Street Bar and Restaurant . SA

    10. Marina Cleared  star rating

      Posted by Micheal - South Australia on 23rd Feb 2012

      We had a serious problem with Gulls on our new marina. I think I sent some images to you for the Gallery. It was the worst damage I have seen birds do. The Xpeller cleared the area of Gulls in 1 day. We now have it hard wired in to our marina. Very effective for gulls! Thanks Andrew
      Micheal - Crown Marina, North Haven, Adelaide

    90 Day Warranty

    We have supplied a range of our bird scarer products to the following brands for the past 16 years.

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