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Super QuadBlaster QB-4 - Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

Please allow 10-14 business days for delivery!
$19.95 (Fixed shipping cost)


    Once ordered. This can take up to 10-14 business days for delivery. Special Order from our USA manufacturer.


    Please call (02) 95311425 to discuss further.


    Super Quad Blaster SQB-4

     BEST SELLING Ultrasonic Bird Control System

    •   STROBE LIGHT INCLUDED for Multi-Sensory Attack
    •   Gets Rid of Bird Infestations
    •  "Silent-to-Humans" Audio Attack

    Our most popular & most trusted ultrasonic bird repellent - emits sounds designed to disorient, intimidate, & confuse pest birds to quickly scare them away from the treated area. Birds will not linger while exposed to this sound! 4 built-in speakers emit high-frequency sounds. 

    This industry favourite is used worldwide, protecting facilities from damage & liability. 

    Ultrasonic repeller – sound waves that humans can’t hear, but birds hate!

    Includes powerful flashing strobe light for multi-sensory attack. Strobe Flash Rate: 60 triple pulse flashes per minute. For use indoors or in semi-enclosed spaces.

    Automated sound system uses four internal speakers to emit high frequency sound waves. Electronic oscillator tuned at 20kHz beyond the range of human hearing, but perceived & avoided by birds & other pest animals.

    Covers up 600sq. metres.  Easy installation Safe and humane 

    PLEASE NOTE if humans are to be in constant proximity of speakers we recommend installing at a distance of 7 metres!

    Effectively Repels:
    • Pigeons
    • Seagulls & Gulls
    • Grackles
    • Crows & Blackbirds 
    • Sparrows  
    • Starlings
    • Swallows
    • Ducks & Geese
    • Bats & Rodents
    Ideal For Use At:
    • Indoor or Semi-Enclosed Areas
    • Warehouses, Plants, & Factories
    • Hangers, Railroad Sidings, Boat Houses 
    • Parking Garages & Lots
    • Tunnels, Underpasses, Breezeways
    • Sheds, & Storage Buildings
    • Loading Docks & Car Washes
    • Infrastructure & Transportation
    • Any large area with a bird infestation
     Please note - Ultrasonic frequencies do not penetrate through solid walls or objects. Place unit where you can achieve maximum coverage.

      After trying other products with little or no resolve, we are finally rid of birds. We purchased a Quad Blaster from you in 2002 and our site staff are very pleased to see such great results. It started working on the first day of installation and after three months of monitoring the situation we have decided to purchase two more units for other areas of our facility.
    –Dan from Linear Technology Corp.

      All attempts to remove pigeons have failed up until now. We installed three Quad Blasters four weeks ago at Edge Cinema when the infestation of pigeons had overrun a car park, balcony and front of our building for some years. Since installing the repellers, the pigeons have thankfully left the scene. Great results as there is no more constant cleaning of the terrible mess they constantly left behind or removing the birds which used to fly into the building itself. We are so pleased with the outcome! The product does a great job.
    –James S. from Sydney, Australia

      Installation was simple and quick. We have not had birds in our hangar since we installed the Quad Blaster units. You have a really great product and the service/tech support was outstanding.
    –Jerry H. from Owis Head, ME




    All Birds Off products have been trialled and tested and do not harm birds. Products are not sold on a trial and return basis. Pls make your choice of bird deterrent carefully since there are many variables in consideration of bird control: environment; character and motivation of species; breeding or roosting cycle; hunger or tameness of the birds. Consider your overall strategy when preparing your deterrents. Sometimes , one or more products might be needed to increase bird control success rates. For more information or advice call (02) 95311425 or email us on [email protected]


    Dimensions of control unit:
    31 x 31 x 11cm
    Dimensions of Strobe:
    15 x 15 x 10cm
    Up to 600 sq.m
    Speaker Lights:
    Indicate rotation rate
    Speaker Rotation Knob:
    Adjusts rotation rate from slow to fast (10 - 110 rpm )
    Frequency Switch:
    Has three positions; Varied, Alternate and Steady
    Varied Modes:
    Modulates frequency up and down at a rate controlled by the warble rate knob. During each cycle, the frequency modulates between 22 kHz and 30 KHz with peak sound pressure levels ocuring at 22 kHz
    Alternate Modes:
    Alternates output between varied mode and staeady mode, each mode lasting for 12 seconds
    Steady Modes:
    Fixes sound output at a constant 22 kHz
    Warble Rate Knob:
    Adjusts warble rate from slow (40 cycles per minute) to fast (85 cycles per minute). inoperative when the mode switch is set to steady.
    Warble Kight:
    Flashes on and off to indicate warble rate when in varied mode and stays on to indicate steady mode
    Power Output:
    220v AC/50 Hz
    Power Cord:
    Length 183cm
    Power Use:
    Less than 10 watts
    Ultra Sonic Output:
    85-90dB at 1 Meter, 20kHz 112 dB at 1 metre at 22kHz each speaker
    QB4 unit and supply power source are UL and CE listed
    Extra Speakers:
    Can use 2 extra speakers for extra range
    Strobe Flash Rate:
    60 triple pulse flashes per minute
    Bird-X - QuadBlaster QB-4 Product Video (00:50)
    BEST SELLING ultrasonic bird repeller gets rid of bird infestations with a "Silent to Humans" audio attack. The sounds are designed to confuse, disorient and intimidate pest birds to quickly scare them away from the effective area. Birds will not linger while exposed to this sound! http://www.bird-x.com/quadblaster-qb-4-products-82.php?page_id=103
    • Bird-X - QuadBlaster QB-4 Product Video
      BEST SELLING ultrasonic bird repeller gets rid of bird infesta...

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    Warranty 90 Days

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