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How To Get Rid Of Wild Ducks

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Although wild ducks are attractive and sometimes entertaining birds, when they decide to move into your place your opinion of them changes dramatically! They can literally destroy your property or fill it with copious amounts of foul excrement.

Ducks are frequently found in unwanted spaces, pools, residential properties & river/canal fronts. They begin to dominate your water features and damage your garden, whilst polluting your property with their faeces; you need to take steps to discourage them.

Keeping Ducks Out of Your Pool

We have a range of suitable products for keeping ducks out of your pool.

Our Yard Sentinel with strobe has been very effective in scaring the ducks away. The units can be installed at either end of the pool and set on the sensor mode.

When the ducks fly into your pool the unit will be triggered playing sonic/ultrasonic sounds whilst flashing the strobe light, this frightens them from landing. The Scarybird Eagle has also been an effective deterrent as the ducks see the ominous predator flying above, their natural instincts steer them away from the property to go elsewhere less threatening.

Another physical deterrent is our Scarecrow Hydroblast, this acts as a physical deterrent by blasting the intruders with an assault of water whilst making a clicking sound. Lastly Ducks off solution is an organic liquid that the ducks detest. They have an acute sense of smell and will move away from the treated areas.

Keeping Ducks Away From Larger Areas

In larger areas where noise is not a concern the Duck and Goose Buster Pro sonic sound units play alert calls, whilst playing optional selections of wild dogs & gunshot sounds.

These units are best to be moved around. We combine visual deterrents to work in conjunction with the sound units. Flying the Scarybird Eagles or Outdoor Lasers increase the fear factor immensely.

We have supplied a range of our bird scarer products to the following brands for the past 16 years.

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