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Australian Possums Friend or foe?


This story I would like to share with you as it has personal significance to me.  My brother in law decided to take on a large DIY project... A COMPLETE BACKYARD MAKEOVER!!!!  In his wildest dreams he had never imagined such a cute fluffy little animal could cause him so much TROUBLE.

He and his family live in Sydney on the Northern beaches which is a beautiful part of Australia.  It is also a very leafy green area which backs onto National Parklands. It is a notorious hotspot for Possums, one of Australia's most familiar marsupials.

Possums are predominantly arboreal (tree-living), although they also come to the ground to find food. Possums can be very noisy when moving across roofs at night and in territory defence, making grunt, cough and hiss noises. They shelter by day in tree hollows, but will also use roofs, cavity walls or sheds. They are the most common native animal found in roofs and can cause urine staining and other damage.

After many weekends of back breaking hard work they planted Australian Native Lilly Pillies to give the house a lovely aspect and more privacy. Before long they were noticing evidence of nocturnal activity and their peace and quiet was no more. To add insult to injury he noticed his beloved trees were getting shorter by the day. He  tried possum spikes to no avail. They were chosen due to the aesthetic appeal blending in to the fence, they were a clear plastic polycarbonate spike but ineffective.

One night my sister heard movement outside and went to investigate. The culprit was a cute fluffy possum who was actually holding onto the spikes and crawling past them to access the Lilly Pillie trees. She thought she was hallucinating to see such a sight! 

The following day I received a desperate phone call from my beloved brother in law as they were at their wits end. The possums had started to move in and take over. I advised them to install the Birdsoff Stainless steel spikes with the Yard Sentinel & Strobe. The combination of flashing lights, Ultrasonic Sound waves & Spikes took those tasty Lilly Pillies off the menu! Implementing a Physical Barrier with the assistance of the Audible/Visual Deterrent sent those cute intruders packing!

Two Months later  the Lilly Pillies are thriving and are already 2 meters taller. The possum or possums were never seen again! PEACE & HARMONY has been restored.....


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