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Pesky Seagulls How to Win the Battle

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Seagulls continue to be a major problem for property owners Australia wide each year. Thousands of dollars are spent in clean up and repair costs. 

The good news is changing seagull behaviour continues to be more effective than lethal or harmful means. Installing professional grade seagull deterrents and removal of those seagull attractions comprise the most effective way to solve your gull problem.


Gulls are aggressive scavengers and when they gather around boats, docks and any type of outdoor eatery, they will brazenly move in and snatch food scraps off tables. Unlike many animals they are able to drink seawater allowing them to be extremely self sufficient. They do not have to travel far once they have decided to roost in a particular area. They will often gather on boats leaving droppings and rotting offal. The stench can be horrendous and cleaning up can be a major ongoing chore for boat owners. Likewise restaurant owners must clean up gull waste or risk being closed down by health inspectors.

They'll gather in huge flocks and leave pounds of droppings in their wake. These droppings contain uric acid, which, left to gather, can eat into paint, metal, wood and plastic. Gull droppings also pose a health risk, since they can harbour a variety of diseases.


It is imperative to clean any bird droppings or nesting material’s as gulls are extremely attracted to their own scent. To prevent seagulls from landing on boats, pontoons, rooftops, light posts or other high vantage points we would advise installing a Physical Deterrent. Our Birds Off Long Legs, Bird Busta's are all excellent sources of Physical deterrents, preventing the birds from landing on those protected areas. 

When we are dealing with a more severe problem we would recommend using a synergy of products. Such as combining a Physical deterrent with either a Visual or Audible product. Our objective is to make the areas the seagulls are roosting/breeding in as inhospitable as possible. 

Our Scarybird is an excellent Visual deterrent as the birds see this eagle flying around looking for his next meal, creating a fearful appearance. The Bird Xpeller Pro 1 from our audible range play distress calls and make noises the seagulls are frightened to hear. The synergy of using two deterrents such as a Physical with Audible or Physical with Visual deterrent certainly heightens the impact of scaring those stubborn birds away. Gaining excellent results. 

We have supplied a range of our bird scarer products to the following brands for the past 16 years.

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