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Yard Sentinel RC Ultrasonic Outdoor Pest Repellent W/ Remote Control

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$15.00 (Fixed shipping cost)


    Yard Sentinel RC Ultrasonic Outdoor Pest Repellent W/ Remote Control New Upgraded and Improved

    Ultrasonic Pest Repeller includes all the power of our original Yard Sentinel in a deluxe model with a strobe light and four-key remote control that can operate up to 25 meters from the unit. 


    The Ultimate Weather Proof Bird and Pest Repeller irritates intruders by emitting Sonic & Ultrasonic Sound Waves with the bonus of a flashing Strobe light. 

    The remote control gives you complete control over your device and includes an optional Turbo (panic) button for emergency situations.

    The Intruders are forced to go elsewhere as the sounds irritate them. Fully Programmable, Volume Controlled.


    The Yard Sentinel offers extra protection against those unwanted pests such as birds, bats, pigeons, crows, ducks, cats, possums, dogs, rabbits and more!

    Fully Adjustable Settings, blast them full time or set to the Sensor Dial. The strobe can be switched off too!


    Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor:
    Our exclusive PIR Motion Sensor is capable of detecting motion from further away. This state of the art technology operates equally well at night as during the day, detecting any animal that passes through its range. It’s also adjustable, which means if your property is near a sidewalk or other high traffic area, you can adjust it to only cover your property.


    High Pressure Ultrasonic Sound with Sonic Predator Alarm Sounds:

    Customised Control:

     Every pest situation is unique. Our device comes with different modes and selectors to help you target your particular situation:

    •  Motion Sensor Constant standby, will trigger the unit when pests are in range
    •  Continuous Activation Mode Selector The Constant setting will activate the Ultrasonic and Sonic noises at a set frequency. The motion detector will  deactivate on this setting 
    •  Continuous Sweep Continuous Sweep will activate a range of random sonic and ultrasonic frequencies. The motion detector will be deactivated on  this setting. This is helpful for repelling several different types of pests 
    •  Ultrasonic Frequency Dial (Adjust frequency to target specific pests) 
    •  Intelligent Power System (IPS): AC power will take priority over battery when both are installed. In the case of power failure, device will switch to  battery back up when batteries are installed
    •  Alarm Dial (Adjustable alarm volume to suit your needs) 
    •  Sensor Sensitivity Dial (Adjust the motion sensor from 1.5 to 14 metres)
    •  Adjustable Strobe (strobe function on or off)

    Sonic: In addition to the inaudible ultrasonic signal, your device is equipped with a sonic signal. This helps to scare off any people or pests lurking around your property. At full volume, the sound can be heard up to (91m) away.

     Download Yard Sentinel Instructions

    All Birds Off products have been trialled and tested and do not harm birds. Products are not sold on a trial and return basis. Pls make your choice of bird deterrent carefully since there are many variables in consideration of bird control: environment; character and motivation of species; breeding or roosting cycle; hunger or tameness of the birds. Consider your overall strategy when preparing your deterrents. Sometimes , one or more products might be needed to increase bird control success rates. For more information or advice call (02) 95311425 or email us on [email protected]

    Power Source:
    AC Adapter OR 4 C batteries (not included)
    Intelligent Power System (IPS)::
    In case of power failure, device will switch to battery backup when batteries are installed
    Adjustable high frequencies that only pests can hear
    Ultrasonic Signal Range from unit:
    170 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically from the unit
    Ultrasonic Effective Range:
    21M X 21M OR 465 Square Meters
    Ultrasonic Frequency:
    15 kHz to 20 kHz (adjustable)
    Output Sound Pressure:
    0 to 110dB
    Power Consumption:
    0.18W to 1.5W when powered by AC adapter 0.07W to 0.8W when powered by batteries
    Optimum Distance Infrared sensor:
    Adjustable up to 14 meters
    Operating Time:
    Adjustable operating time for Day, Night or 24 HR

    Write your own product review

    1. This product works  star rating

      Posted by Jillian Thring on 15th Apr 2021

      I am very happy with these but need a few more to cover the whole garden and will be ordering them today.

    2. No more pigeons  star rating

      Posted by Sarah on 14th Sep 2020

      Has broken the habit of pigeons straight away! Best thing ever, no more mess!

    3. Perfect product for home  star rating

      Posted by VP on 18th Aug 2020

      I have been using this for 2 weeks and I am very happy with it. Had so much trouble with pigeons but they are gone after using this (during day time). Highly recommended.

    4. No More Cleaning Glass Panels  star rating

      Posted by Darren Hamilton on 6th Nov 2019

      After searching for a product to deter birds from landing on my glass pool panels and leaving bird dropping all over the glass.... i thought i would invest in this product and give it a try. What can i say... it works perfectly! I have had it installed for 2 weeks now and not one bird now lands on the glass panels. The other advantage is that now the birds also do not soil my outdoor furniture! Could not recommend this highly enough. Great value for money!

    5. EXCELLENT RESULTS  star rating

      Posted by Lance Robertson on 25th Jul 2019

      I have been trailing the Yard Sentinal for 10 days now and have had excellent results. My pontoon and boat area is totally free from birds and they do not come near the area.

      So far very satisfied customer

    6. Quality seems good but doesn't work on ducks for me.  star rating

      Posted by Alan Young-lee on 15th Oct 2018

      I live adjacent to a creek and have problems with ducks and seagulls. I can't use the sonic or strobe functions as they're too intrusive for the neighbors. The Yard Sentinel seems to keep the seagulls away but is constantly ignored by the ducks. I've tried every conceivable setting but the ducks continue to foul my jetty.

    7. Great bird deterrent  star rating

      Posted by Leiza on 14th Sep 2017

      This has done the trick! No more ducks on the pool and spa! Yay! Finally a natural solution that works!

    8. This devise is a saviour  star rating

      Posted by Sally on 8th Sep 2017

      Thank you so much. Finally, we have no ducks in our swimming pool. No poop to clean every morning. No Duck Off to buy anymore (it did not work anyway). The nightmare is over. I strongly recommend this devise.
      Easy ordering process, excellent service and fast delivery. God Bless You.

    Warranty 90 Days on workmanship defects

    We have supplied a range of our bird scarer products to the following brands for the past 16 years.

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